5.83 von 6
„Poppe Beirnaert“

„we recommed other people to stay in your hotel
It has a good location and it is nice staying in your place.
It was already the 3rd or 4th time we stayed theire, it was very nice refreshed“

5.28 von 6
„Prucha family feedback“

„Satisfactory accommodation and services with average gastronomy............................................................“

5.66 von 6

„Very pleasant holiday with family, heated pool, position of hotel and staff together with all benefits of joker card made our stay very relaxing and unforgetable“

5.83 von 6
„Excellent hotel“

„Great team at least in the restaurant everyone knew their role and very well coordonated. The person taking care of our group in the restaurant was beyond expectations. Always focused on our table and nothing was missing and what we liked he was fluent in English and also very friendly with the kids too.Good variety and done witha lot of care for the guests. Good taste of the food, and excellent platings. All meals were excellent! I really appreciated the fact that the staff saw that I needed lactose free menu and they reacted immediatelly. We were impressed really.“

5.34 von 6
„Excellent, as always!“

„Completely satisfied! We'll come again. Many thanks
Most probably we will bring our older daughter's family with us also.“